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How to cook deliciously-packed Indian Chicken Fried Rice

Have you ever thought that leftover rice can be so tasty when cooked this way? Today you'll find how to cook deliciously-packed Indian Chicken Fried Rice that's loaded with plenty of veggies like carrot, onion, beans, garlic, and leftover chicken. This restaurant styled flavorful rice recipe is rich, healthy, and awesome.


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TIP: you can include various kinds of veggies in this fry meal such as carrot, bean, Capscium, broccoli, peas, minced garlic, etc.


Let's hear out this savoury, authentic restaurant-styled Indian chicken fried rice recipe blended in soya sauce, the umami king from FARM2COOK and following ingredients. Now prepare this right from your home itself and let your kids and family enjoy this stunning version.


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400 gm
chicken boneless
cloves - garlic
medium or large carrot
tablespoon - vinegar
As required
black pepper
tablespoon - refined oil
cup - rice (Basmati rice or regular rice)
2 or 3
2 tablespoon
large onion
2 tablespoons
capsicum (green pepper)
2 teaspoon
soy sauce (you may also use oyster sauce, optional)
As required



1. Preparation of Rice


Before beginning to prepare the fried rice, the rice must be finished. In this dish, leftover chilled rice works best. If you don't have any leftovers, prepare 2 cups of rice per the directions on the package. 2 cups of rice and 3–4 cups of water should be combined in a big pan to make rice. Boil. heat to a medium setting. Rice must be just barely undercooked. But, be careful not to overcook it; otherwise, the fried rice may turn out horribly. After finishing, let it cool.


TIP: Basmati rice taste good while preparing fried rice.


2. Preparing Chicken for fried Rice


Cooking chicken comes next. Poaching the chicken will give it that genuine restaurant flavour. In other words, boil the chicken shopped from FARM2COOK meat online, in water. To do this, put the chicken and enough water in a big saucepan. Put just enough salt and pepper in. Boil the chicken until it's fully done. When finished, turn off the heat. Drain. Wait for it to cool. Discard the chicken after shredding it.


3. Starting to Sautte the Recipe


Making the Indian chicken fried rice is now possible. Add eggs, salt, and pepper to taste in a small bowl. Lightly stir. Set aside. Over high heat, place a pan with a hefty bottom. Oil is heated. onion and garlic, if desired. Onions should be stir-fried till tender. Don't let the onions brown.


TIP: To prepare restaurant-styled fried rice at home, we recommend you to use a wok. Wok* is a large pan shaped like a bowl, used for chinese food cooking.


4. Mix your favourite vegetables


Veggies are added. Use carrots, green bell peppers, and green beans (capsicum). Put just enough salt and pepper in. the vegetables in a stir-fry until they are soft. Do not overcook them; they need to be crispy.


TIP: You may also use veggies like carrot, bean, cabbage, capsicum, broccoli, peas, etc.


5. Once the veggies are half cooked, create a centre and pour the egg mixture that was prepared earlier in a bowl.


6. It's too easy now to fry and form scrambled eggs. Once done, add the shredded chicken.


7. Now you can add the leftover or pre-cooked rice in the pan and stir well for a minute. Now add the special sauces like soya sauce, vinegar. Stir well for another 2 or 3 minutes.


TIP: If your kids wish for various flavour, then you can use sauces like tomato sauce and green chilli sauce.


8. Finally, garnish the chicken fried rice with spring onion, and serve it hot.


We bet your kids and beloved family will love this recipe. Share your thoughts with FARM2COOK.


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