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Spiced n' Stuffed Chicken Bun.

Who doesn't love having chicken without a mess? Most of you are well aware of bun, a small, puffy, round risen bread that is baked with added toppings. Most Indian and European kids to adults enjoy adding bun or bread to their breakfast menus. Well, today let's see how to cook some amazing recipe from FARM2COOK recipe page, Spiced n' Stuffed Chicken Bun.


10 Servings
cup milk (235 mL), warm
cup sugar (50 g)
package active dry yeast
cup - All purpose flour or Maida (120 g)
cups whole wheat flour (370 g)
tablespoons melted butter
teaspoon salt
tablespoons oil
cloves garlic
teaspoon fresh ginger, grated
ground chicken
teaspoon chilli powder
tablespoons tomato paste
teaspoon salt [for taste]
teaspoon pepper
teaspoon coriander
teaspoon turmeric
teaspoon cumin



How to bake the Bun?


1. Start by warming the milk in the microwave for around 20 seconds. milk with sugar, stirring thoroughly.

2. After that, incorporate the active dry yeast and wait 10 minutes. By this time, the yeast ought to have "ballooned" and be foamy.

3. One cup (125 grammes) each of all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour should be added to a bowl before the milk and yeast mixture. Use a wooden spoon to stir.

4. Add one (one) egg, salt, and melted butter after that.

5. Mix thoroughly before adding the additional 2 cups (250 G) of wheat flour. You can now put the spoon aside and knead the dough with your hands.

6. Put the dough in a sizable oiled basin once it has become just a little tacky. Bowl is covered with plastic wrap. It should be proofed for an hour in a dark, dry area with a warmed towel over it.


How to prepare Chicken Stuffing for Bun?


7. You can prepare the filling as follows while the dough is proofing or raising.

8. To start preparing the filling, cut the onion and add it to a pan with the oil over a medium heat. Allow to sauté for about 10 minutes, tossing with a spatula as necessary.

9. Grate the ginger and chop the garlic before adding them to the sauteed onion. About 2 more minutes of sautéing. After that, add the chicken you got from FARM2COOK and push the onion mixture to one side of the pan.

10. Add coriander, cumin, and turmeric and stir-fry until the chicken's liquid has completely evaporated.

11. Next, thoroughly whisk in the salt and tomato paste. Add the salt, pepper, and, if using, the chilli powder. Add more seasoning as desired.

12. OPTIONAL: you can also add the peas or corn or any veggies as you desire, sauté for a further two minutes, and then remove to cool somewhat.


Let's Arrange the Stuffed Chicken Bun:


13. Remove the plastic wrap and cloth from the dough once it has proofed and doubled in size, then punch it down. Divide the dough into two pieces next. Utilizing a rolling pin, stretch out one portion while covering another with plastic to maintain moist.

14. Cut circles out of the dough using a bowl. Put about two tablespoons of filling onto each round of dough.

15. Flip the sides over the filling to form a seal, then squeeze them together. Then place the buns on a baking sheet lined with parchment, sealed side facing down. Repeat this process until no more dough or filling is left.

16. The stuffed buns should be placed in the oven to proof for a further 30 minutes after the oven has been preheated to 175 degrees F. They ought to be a little bit bigger when they're finished. Removing them from the oven now will cause it to heat up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

17. Brush the buns with the remaining egg, which has been beaten.

18. Sesame seeds should be sprinkled over the buns before baking for 20 to 22 minutes.

19. Enjoy warm or at room temperature, if possible.


TIP: To reheat buns, place them in a 350 degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes.

So, get ready to buy fresh quality chicken online from FARM2COOK, your only reliable online meat shop to buy halal meat at best prices, and start cooking amazing chicken bun recipe. Share your experience with us in below comments or via social media. 

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