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2693 Preston Rd #1020, Frisco, TX, 75034


Our Story

FARM2COOK is a company that sought out to deliver what the people wanted. We heard the need for quality meat at a cheaper price – closer to your home. After lots of hard work we are now proud to be able to deliver organic meat straight to your door at a price that is hard to beat. 

Our goat and chicken products were all fresh from the farm, organic, grass fed and free range. We believe pasture raised is absolutely, without a doubt, better for the animals, better for the environment, better for your health — which is better for you!

Nathan P.

[email protected]

If you have other questions or business opportunities, please feel free to contact us. We thank you for your support. 


Customer Service #: 469-602-1319

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About Us

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Contact Us

Location 1

2693 Preston Rd #1020, Frisco, TX, 75034

Phone : 469-602-1319


Location 2

7979 N MacArthur Blvd #130, Irving, TX 75063

Phone: (972) 478-0999

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